About Us


Oil of Dermae is a unique research product of a Sri Lankan Doctor named Dr.Sanath Hettige who is a board certified specialist in Family Medicine.

He first used this cream on his own patients having dry skin, cracking of feet and hands 15 years ago. It was found that this particular formulation was very effective and far more superior to similar but more expensive imported moisturizing creams in the market. Many patients came repeatedly to buy this cream from the doctor’s clinic, some even taking it to their friends and relations abroad.

Many stubborn skin conditions like Palmer and Planter Keratosis, severe dry skin conditions like Congenital Icthiosis which are resistant to other forms of treatment had complete remission with Oil of Dermae. Dermatologist and family physicians were taken up with the efficacy of this truly Sri Lankan invention.

Considering all above factors, Dr.Sanath Hettige with advice from the experts in the field started manufacturing Oil of Dermae for commercial use with the approval of the drugs and cosmetic authority of Sri Lanka.

Oil of Dermae is now a leading cosmoceutical, Oil of Dermae Skin Cream mostly prescribed by doctors and recommended by professional beauticians.


Factory is situated at Maharagama with all modern facilities and approved by the drugs and cosmetic authority of Sri Lanka. Manufacturing is done under strict laboratory conditions personally supervised by its inventor Dr.Sanath Hettige.


Distribution and promotion in Colombo district is done by the manufacturer. Out station distribution is done by CIC Pharmaceutical division.

About the inventor

Dr Sanath Hettige MBBS, DFM, MCGP,MD

Dr. Hettige wins the presidential award for the best medical invention at the 2016 presidential award ceremony for his invention of papaya leaf syrup, tablets & capsules for the treatment of dengue fever.

Academic positions currently held

  • Board certified consultant in family medicine
  • Board member board of study in family medicine and Coordinator for Diploma in Family Medicine for Postgraduate Institute of Medicine University of Colombo.
  • Examiner for diploma in family medicine for Sri Lanka & India.
  • External Faculty Member / Clinical Tutor / Examiner for Faculty of Medical Sciences University of Sri Jayewardenepura.
  • Clinical Tutor Faculty of Medicine University of Colombo
  • Council member College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka. ( Ex Treasurer / Secretary )
  • Chairman of the Viral Study Group - College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka.
  • Senior Honorary Lecturer of Faculty of Medicine - University of Colombo .

Other achievements

  • In charge of Family medicine clinic at Maharagama
  • Chief scientist Oil of Dermae Laboratories

Research Done

  • Effect of Papaya leaf juice in Dengue Hemarrhagic Fever (Read the article published in the Independent Medical Practitioners Association [View I.M.P.A. news letter]
  • Obesity and its cardiovascular risk factors.